Wouldn’t you think that owning a yarn shop and being surrounded by yarn all day every day would mean getting a lot of knitting done?  Really, though…not so much.  I started great gun on Corinne and then added Boyfriend and all seemed well in the hand.  I was on track to get them both done by the end of the month.  Then the other shoe dropped.

My husband and son left on Saturday morning.  They love road trips and are driving from Maine to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.  It was even my idea.  I will be here at Over The Rainbow Yarn most of the weekend, celebrating the Festival of Lights (and you should really drop by our Mrs. Santa’s Kitchen on Maine Street, at the foot of School Street.  We’ll have cookies and cider.)  And I thought I would have a bunch of knitting time to myself.  It turns out, time is not really my friend.  We heat with wood so when I get home it’s cold in my house, and I spend a lot of the evening building up the fire and getting the place to tolerable temperatures.  In the day, we are gearing up for the holiday season and I’m really too busy to knit.

And there’s this strange hole in my life when my guys are gone.  Even when I am at work, I feel out of sorts, off center, foggy and dull because they are so far away instead of being home or at school where I usually stash them.  And knitting just seems too weird when I feel so unlike myself.  It’s strange and uncomfortable and I can’t wait to have them back again…and not just so I have some hope of finishing at least one of my sweaters before the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Corinne  (in Malabrigo Rios, Jupiter) has her second sleeve about a quarter done, and I think I could finish her in a day of solid knitting.  Boyfriend (in Cascade Lana D’oro, Regal) has his back all finished and about three inches of the fronts.


I knit both fronts of a cardigan at the same time and both sleeves at the same time, too, so I don’t have to contend with “I’ve already knit it once and I can’t bear to knit the second one” Syndrome (which is similar to Second Sock Syndrome, but applies to anything that come in two identical parts…like sleeves and socks.)   I could make quite a dent in Boyfriend if I can knit on him in Mrs. Santa’s Kitchen over the weekend.  But I have definitely taken off my crazy pants and realized that two sweaters in a month when I am working and my husband and son are on a road trip my be too much.

And thank you for not mentioning the Christmas knitting.


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