Yarn Storage Round Up

There’s been a lot of talk around the shop recently about how to store the stash.  Lauren has recently moved into a new house and is setting up shop, so to speak.  I have been working on cleaning out a room in my house to create a studio for myself.  We’ve also been trying to figure out ways to keep our offices here in the shop from becoming junk heaps of samples, WIP’s, give-aways/prizes, miscellaneous materials and display items.

Like most creative crafters, I work in multiple media and have stashes of yarn, fabric, roving, thread, paper, wood, beads, polymer clay, glass, leather, paint, ribbon, washi tape, hardware, tools and just plain stuff that doesn’t readily fit into any particular category, not to mention, books, magazines, patterns, swatches, design boards, UFO’s, WIP’s mending, and semi finished items awaiting embellishment.  Keeping track of all my bits and bobs is challenging.  Here at the shop, we all have our special passions and some of our office space is dedicated to our personal projects as well as all the things we work on for the store.

What I really want, at home and in our offices, is pretty, inviting studio space with work surfaces for a variety of media, comfortable seating, and storage and organization spaces and systems.  And I don’t want it to break the bank.  I always like to find ways to use what I have or turn inexpensive items into creative solutions.

As we’re approaching our March Spring Cleaning adventure (we’ll be closed for a couple of days so we can do all the work we need to do without getting in your way), I’ve been looking for better storage solutions for our communal back room, basement, vault and hidey holes, and personal work space ideas we can implement in our offices.

Here’s a round up of solutions I like.


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Click Here


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You’ll see variations on several themes, but there are some great new things I’ve never seen before.  I’m going to have to start collecting 5 gallon buckets, plastic plant pots, 3 gallon water jugs, oatmeal boxes and coffee tins, and those wonderful screw top jars from my new favorite ice cream.


If you have any creative storage ideas, we’d love to hear them.  And send us a pic if you can.

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