Who wouldn’t want to receive the glorious gift of yarn? But how do you begin to figure out what yarn to pick out for your friends and family? We’re delighted to offer our Wish List/Gift Registry to anyone who’s interested.

Please, stop by the shop any time and fill out our simple Wish List form. Then send your friends our way and we’ll help them pick out a perfect gift for you.

You can revise your Wish List whenever you want. Add, subtract, change your mind on color, any time you like. We’ll also cross things off as people acquire them for you so your list will be as up to date as you care to make it.

You’ll also have to opportunity to provide names and e-mails for anyone you’d like us to remind when special days of your choice are coming up – birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Your list will expire on your birthday every year. We’ll notify you when your list is about to expire so you can come in and re-work your favorites.

There’s no fee.

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