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I can knit or crochet just about anywhere, but when it comes to needle felting I’m very particular about the space I work in. For this blog post I’d like to show you where I work, and maybe give you a peek at some of the treasures I use in my needle felted pieces.


To start, this is the desk that I felt at. It’s technically a TV stand, so there’s very little space for material set up. Most of what I use is either under the shelves or in the closet behind it. (It may or may not have received a much needed cleaning before this shot.)


Now on to the treasures! On my desk I have an antique tobacco drawer (that’s been cleaned, thankfully). This is where I keep broken and unique buttons, various shell beads, and black spruce cones.


I carry more shell beads in a separate container, as well. These are shells I’ve found on beaches that have conveniently placed holes from hungry worms. These tend to be used more as pendants than as glued or sewn in textures.


Safety is important, and sometimes my jelly thimbles just don’t cut it if I need to be more aggressive with my felting needles. This is a very special thimble I received from my Papa that used to belong to my grandmother.


These are some of my favorite things you can find on my desk (if you know where to look )– antique keys and iron nails. I have more of these nails, but at the moment they’re being soaked in water to create an iron mordant I’ll be using for natural dyes. I have yet to implement the nails into a piece, but the keys have already made an appearance with Essex, the Archivist.



As an extra little treat, this is my antique desk that I sit at when I’m drawing.  It isn’t all in this shot, but the top does lift up to a larger compartment and some drawers (which is a horrible, horrible mess). As some of you may know, I’m not only a fiber artist, but also a (professional) illustrator. It’s been a little while since I’ve done any of this sort of work, so I’m very excited and eager to have the opportunity to be working on the coloring pages you’ll be receiving in our newsletter!


You get a virtual cookie if you can guess where I went to see and get a print of that sculpture/memorial in the upper left corner. (No one should be surprised that it was one of my favorite parts of that place. 10/10 would go again).

Written by Catherine Eason

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