What’s In My Bag?

Guys, I’m beginning to feel the pressure again. My tiny knitting bag is packed to the brim. I find myself squishing down the yarn to cram in more and more. My friends at Thursday night Stitch ‘n’ Spin laughed at me last night as I pulled out one project after another last night – they called it a “Barney Bag” (children and parents of the 1990’s will get it). I’m afraid the items at the bottom may be hopelessly tangled around one another. I’ve gotten ahead of myself, excited to move onto the next thing before I’ve finished the last one too many times for this poor little project bag to handle. It’s officially time to empty out the bag. How many separate projects do you think I’ve stuffed inside? Any guesses before I bare my soul to you in this blog post?

The Double-Knit Hat: I’m working on this double-knit hat for the double knitting class I’m teaching next weekend. My bag is stuffed with the two skeins of Ultra Alpaca, the hat on the needles and my doodles on knit stitch grid paper. I settled on the rose. I love color work roses. This is the only thing in my bag with a deadline attached to it, and it was not the project on the tippy top.

The Lace-Weight Mitts: I love fingerless mitts, I love Malabrigo yarn, I love sea green, I love merino wool, and I love delicate things. I’ve never made lace-weight fingerless mitts nor used size 0 needles for anything, so I thought I’d give it a shot. These little mitts exactly the size of my small hands began with 64 stitches around. I actually nearly finished the second mitt and then got distracted by who knows what. I lost track. It’s also the first time I tried binding off the palm of a fingerless mitt with an i-cord bind-off. It seems like the right balance of stretchy versus firm. It doesn’t squeeze and it doesn’t schlump either. I recommend it.

The Dropped-Stitch Boot Cuffs: I was wondering if dropping a stitch right on the edge and unraveling it all the way down would make a cute frilly edge for a boot cuff. Then I decided to drop some more stitches because I wanted to try that nifty trick where you pick up multiple strands with a crochet hook , making a large decorative plait on the surface. Then while I had the crochet hook handy, I decided to add some surface crochet in a contrasting color. I made the boot cuffs two different sizes because I thought the first one was too big. I started a third one so that I’d have a matching pair, then I got distracted again. Possibly a failed experiment.

The Itty Bitty Crochet Thingy: I was on an organizing spree a few days ago (in my home, not my knitting bag, obviously) and I uncovered this itty bitty crochet thingy from years and years ago. It’s been ages since I crocheted anything! I had a sudden itch to hold a crochet hook in my hand, so I dug out the tiniest crochet hook in my stash and held the itty bitty thingy very close to my face until I remembered how I’d made it. Either I used to have an even tinier crochet hook, or my tension has changed dramatically since I started this project. The little fronds on the new end of it are much larger than the ones on the old end.

The Silk Mitts: We recently brought a bit of Malabrigo Mora, 100% silk fingering-weight yarn into the store, because sometimes you need a little luxury. 100% silk fingerless mitts seem like the perfect little luxury to me. Silk is actually quite warm, and strong enough to stand up to some wear and tear. Unlike the lace-weight single-ply merino mitts above, I think these ones will be practical when it gets chillier outside. And who wouldn’t want to wear silk on their hands? BONUS: I actually wrote a pattern for these babies! I just need to take some photographs an we’re golden. Look for it as an Over the Rainbow Yarn original pattern freebie in the next week or two.

The Bridezilla Capelet: I can’t believe it’s still in there! On the very bottom of my bag, lurking like one of those bizarre glowing deep sea fish, is the Bridezilla Capelet that I started well over a year ago. It was in there the last time I dumped my knitting bag all over this blog on June 1, 2016. And it’s not much bigger.

The verdict is in: I have six projects and a motley assortment of hooks, needles and scraps of paper in this one hardy little bag. I should probably consider finishing some of them! What’s in your knitting bag??

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

2 Comments on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. Somehow seeing that you have unfinished projects from a while ago makes me feel better about my ZickZack scarf that I wonder if I’ll ever finish, Lauren. I especially love the silk fingerless mittens and can’t wait to get the pattern and see the colors. I assume I can order the yarn from OTR. I miss the shop and people so very much. Diane

    • Thanks Diane! 🙂 That ZickZack scarf is a bit of a doozy, isn’t it? We have our own ZickZack scarf hiding somewhere here at the shop too. It was meant to be a shop sample. Mim started it, then Jennifer continued it for a while, and I knit a row now and then, but I’m pretty sure it’s not more than 10 inches long. It’s going to grow up to be lovely some day though. I’m sure yours will too!

      Happy knitting! See you next time you’re in Maine. -Lauren

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