What does this have to do with yarn, you ask…

We had all the light bulbs in the shop replaced with new daylight/full spectrum fluorescents.  Now everything is in bright neutral light that is supposed to be the best for color rendering.  And I’m not sure I like it.  See, I had gotten quite used to the old bulbs and their warm, friendly, yellow glow.  Okay, maybe there were a couple of corners that were a bit dim.  And maybe there were a few shades of red and orange that you couldn’t really tell apart.  For some really important color matching decisions we probably should have been taking the yarns outdoors to compare hanks in bright natural sunlight.  And now we don’t have to do that any more.  But I kind of like my environment to stay the same.

I’m the kind of girl who will sit in the living room knitting night after night while, one by one, all six of the over head bulbs goes dark and I am having a harder and harder time seeing until the last bulb gives its last gasp.  Then I change all the light bulbs at once…and spend a week or more getting used to the new light level.  So maybe it’s just me.  Maybe the new bright daylight, full spectrum bulbs are a much better thing.  I’ll get used to them.  But the thing is…

I finally started my Color Affection shawl and the color is the whole point.  I’ve been contemplating it for months now, trying to pick the perfect colors.  I finally settled on Cascade Heritage Silk in colors 5641, 5607, and 5639…which probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it’s maple leaf orange, cranberry red and dark chocolate brown.  Pretty, right?  And perfect for fall.  Like a tumble of maple and oak leaves on a beautiful October morning.  But I chose the colors under the old lights, and now they look subtly different under the new lights.

*sigh*  I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  And the colors are really beautiful.  It’s going to look great in the window come October.  Right?

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