We Have the Best Customers

I think it’s official — Over The Rainbow Yarn really does have the best customers. I always tell people that a yarn shop is more than just a place to buy yarn; it’s a hub for the crafty community, and a second home for its regulars. When I first started working here, way back at the beginning, I had no idea that the shop would go from this:








To this:







It’s not just that the shelves are filled with yarn now, it’s also that the store is full of wonderful people. All of you, from the locals who stop in most days, to the loyal readers who popped in once on vacation but follow our blogs and social media, are the reason we’re still here. 

While almost all crafters are good people (when traveling alone, I sit next to knitters) the folks who shop here at OTRYarn are really in a league of their own. I so value our community — you make our shop what it is.

The shop threw a 30th birthday celebration for me last week, and I was filled with such gratitude. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who came out or passed along your birthday wishes! I appreciate all of you so much. From cards to snacks to a gorgeous carrot cake (and tiramisu), you all really brought the party, and made me feel so loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Written by Jennifer Woodman

5 Comments on “We Have the Best Customers

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  2. Happy Birthday Jenn! Now you are an adult! 🙂 Sorry I missed your party. Have a great new year.

  3. Jennifer, sorry this is belated, but sending very sincere belated Happy Birthday Wishes to you! You are the best! Looking forward to seeing you in March as usual! Can’t wait! Have a good week! Conny in NE

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