Wanna come over and play?

We have a new toy.  This is Corwin…

No, he’s not the toy.  He’s winding a stick shuttle so he can learn to weave.  Our new toy is actually this…

It’s a Flip Loom and trestle from Schact.  We’ve had a Cricket Loom in the shop for a while now so we know it’s fun and easy to use.  A great way to get started with weaving.  Now we have a Flip to try out as well.  It’s a little bigger than the Cricket and has options to be either clamped to your table, or mounted on it’s own trestle stand.  And it folds in half for easy portability, so you could bring it to Stitch and Spin nights.  We might even have to change the name to Stitch and Spin and Weave night.  You can drop by and give it a try.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to take one home.

Written by mim


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