Two steps forward. One step back.

It’s always like this at this time of year.  Sunny and warm one day, dreary and cold the next.  It’s always like this.  Yet, somehow I am always surprised.  I always feel cheated by fickle spring.  It’s such a short season here in Maine.  Wedged between mud season and blackfly season, this brief, ephemeral moment that we’ve been waiting for all these months takes two steps forward, and one step back on its way to becoming real summer.  And today is one of the dreary days.  So I am extra glad to have my new muffatees to help me remember the promise of better things to come.

What’s a muffatee, you ask?  Well, a muffatee is like a fingerless glove, but it has no thumb gusset.  Just knit a simple rectangle that is big enough to go around our hand and as long as you want it to come up your arm.    Yup.  it’s that simple.  You don’t really need a pattern.

You can use any yarn you like in any color that inspires you.  I started out with this beautiful skein from Lorna’s Laces. (We don’t have it in yet, but will be ordering it soon.  It’s lovely stuff!)


The colors are so evocative of spring and I so needed a little more spring in my day.  I cast on 30 stitches and knit is Fisherman rib until they were about the right length.  Then I stitched them up the wrist, leaving a hole for your thumb, and stitched the last inch or so above the thumb opening.  Done.  well, almost.  They really needed some embellishment.  What do you think?



The flowers are six stitch I-cord, knit about six inches long then scrunched by drawing the tail through the middle of the tube and pulling it tight, stitched on to the backs at the wrist.



Then I added a little smocking on the inside wrist to give them a little shape and a kind of English country garden feel.


And I’m in love with them.  Pretty, like spring.  Warm and colorful for the dreary days.


Practical and whimsical at the same time.  They make me want to sigh a lot.  They maybe even make me look forward to the “One step back,” days that would give me a reason to wear them.  Okay, maybe not quite that far.  But they do make me smile.IMG_0623

I might have to make some more.  And you could, too.  Send me pictures of the muffatees you come up with.  I could use some more inspiration.


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