To Crochet or Not to Crochet

Throughout the wooly world, we keep seeing surveys and research, evidence and theory, all kinds of indications that Crochet is on the rise. Nationwide, yarn shops are reporting greater numbers of crocheters making the leap out of the box stores and into the indie shops where they can get the good stuff knitters have been enjoying for years. We’re starting to see our yarn suppliers give some thought to crochet pattern support for their yarns. Ravelry has some amazing designers giving us more and more crochet fashion patterns. According to The National Needle Arts Association survey about the state of the yarn industry, crochet is a faster growing segment than knitting. And in 2014, for the first time in internet search history, crochet search terms have out numbered knitting search terms. We’re just not certain it’s happening in Rockland.

So, whenever we wonder what’s going on with our yarny community, we ask our community directly. Here it is…

Do you guys crochet?

More than that, if you don’t, why not? Would you like to and just haven’t found the right way to learn? And if you do, how can we do a better job of supporting you? In short, tell us all your feelings about crochet.

As you know from reading the newsletter, we’re working on a collection of 12 Weeks of Christmas patterns, crochet style. we also have some great ideas about classes or CAL’s we could be doing. So if you want it, crochet is here and we (Lauren and I particularly, as we are the resident crocheters) would love to splash out even bigger with patterns, classes, CAL events, yarns, tools and everything else you want.

Be honest. Tell us what you want. We’re fiber evangelists and crocheters are most welcome at The Church Of Yarn.

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8 Comments on “To Crochet or Not to Crochet

  1. I learned to crochet in my early teen years by watching my Mother. I wanted to knit also. I was not comfortable with throwing the yarn and stayed with crochet. In my 20’s I saw a woman knitting holding the yarn as I did when I crocheted. As soon as I saw her I knew I could learn to knit. The woman told me it was knitting continental style and helped me get started. I have been doing both since then. I am now in my 60’s and hope to continue for a long time.

    • Good for you, Arlene! I also learned to crochet early on, but I learned to knit the English way first. So it was knowing how to crochet that made me able to learn knitting continental style. They really are similar. So…would you be interested in our 12 Weeks Of christmas CAL? Or maybe taking a class?


  2. Hi Mim,
    I crochet much more than I knit. I’d be very interested in your patterns. I like vied seeing the giraffe and will make that for sure. Also, I think you know my husband Chris. I look forward to meeting you.

    • I do know your husband, Chris! Come in any time and knock on my office door if you don’t see me out front. I’m looking forward to debuting our first collection of crochet patterns. I hope you like them. Mim

  3. Until Lauren taught me to knit just a few weeks ago, I was an exclusive crocheter. I do enjoy knitting immensely, and I’m glad for my new flexibility with pattern choices; but crochet was my first love and I imagine it will still be the majority of my work. I’d absolutely love more crochet fun at the store, partly because I love playing with yarns with other yarn lovers, partly because I love learning new things, and partly because it would give me more opportunities to leave the baby with Dad and get myself out of the house!

  4. I also do crochet, but only learned a couple of years ago. I would be interested in taking a class to expand my horizons. One of the techniques I am most interested in is filet crochet and thread crochet.

  5. I learned to knit when I was eight and to crochet by the time I was sixteen. I’ve only made one crochet garment, and that belongs back in its own time–the ’70s. Although I’m seeing some amazing crochet this year in Pacific Northwest shops, I still prefer the finished textures and shapes and drape of knitting. Therefore, I’m primarily a knitter However, I’m glad I know how to crochet. It is so very useful for finishing some of my knitting! And I use my crochet hooks for beading and weaving in ends.

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