There’s a party in my shoes.

Fun socks make me really happy.  They can be utterly ridiculous and no one will know unless you share the news or they’re lucky enough to get a unintentional sock show when your pants swish over your shoes just right.  Whenever I need a pick me up, I go for a pair of crazy or hand knit socks and have a little party in my shoes.  Today is a party in my shoes kind of day….

Here are my feet looking very normal and uninteresting as usual.

And here are my party socks in all of their awesomely fuzzy holiday glory.


On an even more random note, I’ve run into some shocking things this week that I’m having a hard time believing are real.

What would one use Justin Bieber duct tape for?  Perhaps to hold on the bumper of ones car?  A customer who requested that she remain anonymous, suggested Justin Bieber pasties (we have fun customers here at Over the Rainbow Yarn and we love them).  That might lead to a “Party in my shirt” blog post… hmmmm.  I’ve decided that like regular duct tape, there are endless uses for duct tape plastered with smug poses of The Bieb.

And for the random stuff finale… the Maple Bacon Milkshake from Dennys!  Thank you Denny’s for throwing some cured meat into this classic treat, my slowly clogging arteries want to high-five you.







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