There And Back Again

I’m back from an adventure, everyone! Well, it’s not technically an adventure, but it certainly feels like one. There was a learning experience, I tangled with a few monsters, and I got treasure at the end.

What I really mean is that I learned how to spin (thanks to fortunate circumstances and guidance from Mim)! Check out all these treasures I found yarns I spun!



We started me out with a small drop spindle and cheviot. The first yarn I spun was a bit…too twisted. The left is a two-ply version from the single ply on the right.



Then I got the hang of the drop spindle and was even able to spin beads into the yarn! Unfortunately, I hadn’t figured out how to set the twist just yet.



Later I decided that I wanted to try a different fiber and went with some of Highland Handmade’s corriedale cross (in colorway “Bearded Iris”). This is when I finally figured out how to set the twist!


The real test began when I learned how to use a wheel. In retrospect, Malabrigo’s merino top probably wasn’t the best fiber to start off with.



We got along eventually.



And now I have my own smaller wheel to use! (Well, ok, it’s temporarily adopted from my mom, but it’s mine for now. )

Written by Catherine Eason

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  1. Welcome to your newest addiction! I also learned to spin this summer – and funnily enough, my first colored skein was also bearded iris from Highland Handmades! I will likely make a cowl with that and my fist two natural colored skeins. It will be a lumpy mess but I think seed stitch will hide a lot of flaws. 🙂

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