The Yarn Wall of my Dreams

Lauren's Yarn Wall

The yarn wall of my dreams, in all its glory.

Ever since I began to collect yarn, I’ve been puzzled by the problem of storing it in an organized and highly accessible manner. It began with a basket, then another basket. The yarn in the baskets grew more and more squished. Skeins got buried beneath other skeins. Baskets got buried beneath other baskets. Getting inspired by the yarn in your stash is an ordeal when you have to take out a basket, then take out its contents and lay them all out on your floor in order to see what you’ve got. Having to make a mess in order to practice your craft is the worst de-motivator. You know what I’m talking about, person who stores her sewing machines at the back of the closet and must use it on the kitchen table. The matter was complicated by living in a rental home, and my dreams of the perfect yarn storage solution were tied to my ability to buy a house.

I happened upon “The World’s Best Yarn Storage Idea” (Click the link – I dare you to disagree) while working on the Pot O’ Gold newsletter about a year ago now, coincidentally at the very same time that my husband and I decided we were ready to buy a house. The world’s best yarn storage solution is, of course, an entire wall covered in peg board with skeins of yarn wound into cakes and stuck onto individual pegs.

Lauren's yarn wall from downstairs

This is me gazing up at my yarn from the living room sofa.

So what do you think the number one qualification for my dream home was? It was not a jacuzzi tub, a front porch, or a spacious kitchen; it was a perfect wall to dedicate to my yarn stash. I think I nailed it with this house.

When we moved in, I had to get started before I’d even unpacked. Frankly, half the boxes were full of craft supplies, and what would be the point of unpacking my craft supplies prior to the construction of my yarn wall?

The fact that I have no idea how to build anything and can’t find my way around a hardware store was no impediment. I burst through the doors of Home Depot and scanned the aisles with bravado. I identified the peg board. I realized I would never be able to fit it into my car, but I found the wood-cutting machine (reminiscent of the one I used to cut pieces of mat board in art school, only more scary). I got the board sliced up and I bought out all of the 2-inch pegs available in the store (who decided to stock them so far away from the actual peg board?). I returned home, and got to work with a bit of help from my sweet husband who is brilliant at many things, but maybe not construction projects.

It came out a little bit crooked, but that’s ok. I had a Pinterest-inspired trick up my sleeve. I went back and picked up some strips of molding to create a framed edging for my yarn wall, and I made sure the frame appeared straight.

It’s perfect. It’s absolutely perfect! I feel inspired by it every single day. I think I am the luckiest girl alive now that I’ve built myself a yarn wall, and it wasn’t all that hard. You should build one too.


Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

4 Comments on “The Yarn Wall of my Dreams

  1. Not only is it perfect, you’ve begin to learn that the hardware store can be as much your friend as the yarn shop. Want me to teach you how to use a Dremel tool?

  2. I have seen your incredible yarn wall! Not only functional, it is truly a work of art! I love it!

  3. Wow! The power of the Home Depot. And the power of the Lauren. Way to go!!

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