. Felting the Galway Worsted


Felting the Galway Worsted

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After a two-swatch experiment, I’m very excited to announce my findings in regards to hand felting our new Galway Worsted! 

As you can see, I only knit a small swatch. I knit them on US #3 dpns despite the recommended US #8. I prefer to have a tighter fabric for my felted objects so the stuffing doesn’t show afterwards. The verdict?









Compared side-by-side, you can see that it shrank a fair amount, but I love it! It only took about 3 alternations between hot and cold water with a generous amount of liquid soap to get it as felted as it is in the photo. It wasn’t too rough in my hands while I did it, and there doesn’t appear to be too much of the stitch definition left. I’m sure if I went at it a little longer, it could be gone completely. I’m definitely be excited to see how it fairs  in future  non-swatch felting projects down the road! 

New Feltable Yarn!

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Some of you may remember my yarn quest– that is, making test swatches for how well our yarns felt (or don’t felt) by hand. I’m sure they would felt better in the washing machine, but because I knit a lot of dolls I prefer to sculpt the yarn and wool stuffing as I felt. Now that we’ve acquired Galway Worsted, I have yet another yarn to test! I’ll be knitting this swatch on US 3 (it’s recommending US 8s) and am hoping for good results. I’ll be sure to let you all know in my next post how it goes!

What’s in the Bag?

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Ah, the knitting bag. We stuff them full to the brim with fiber goodies, and sometimes we can’t help having more than one. They’re just too pretty, right? You know what I’m talking about. Yes, you. 



I’ve seen quite a few “What’s in my Knitting Bag” posts floating around, and if I remember correctly there may be a few from employees here, but I’ve never done one! No doubt the many, many deep, dark pockets of this bag hold a few treasures. No seriously. This bag has like… 18 pockets. Old Bagzz knows what they’re doing. Gotta’ love Maine artists!

So, what is in this behemoth, anyway? Well…

The first things I grab when I stick my hand in there are (sharp!) pipe cleaners that will be used for today’s needle felting with armatures class. Then there’s chapstick, pens, pencils, highlighters, and an old sketchbook I use for draftsmanship exercises before I work on any coloring page (warming up is important!).

Another armful reveals Malabrigo Rasta and Caracol scraps (you can use these in felting, guys, save them!), tapestry needles, a metal bookmark I was gifted from England, stitch markers, a tape measure, a stitch counter, one of those cool pendant cutters, and Quince&Co. Lark in Egret and Bark.


And finally in the largest middle compartment, we have Essex the felted doll who will be assisting me in today’s class, a skein of Quince&Co. Tern in Oyster, a bar of lemongrass Lavishea, and a notebook I use to make thumbnails for my book during lunch when I remember to… Which I forget to do a lot. Sorry, book. 

Normally I also have all of my double points scattered amongst the pockets, but it looks like I was smart at some point and took them out so I don’t lose any more!