. Pokémon Can Knit, Too


Pokémon Can Knit, Too

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Maybe you’ve met them or maybe you haven’t, but I’m sure that most of you have been hearing about the latest trending mobile App (and probably from me since I can’t seem to button my yap about it) and its occupants. As it turns out, some of them are fiber artists, and we get to see some of them pop over to the store when the servers are down! It always seems to be when I’m off the clock or on break…

I’d like you to meet some of them, and they’ve even recommended a few of their favorite patterns for all you trainers out there to enjoy!



Cecil was taking some time to admire how we’ve been setting the back room up as an additional teaching space. He thinks it’s wonderful for people to learn to knit, that way they can make Christina J’s Pikachu Tail scarf for chilly adventuring days!











Lumi loves the idea of the Cowl Club and has been planning on doing a few as Christmas gifts. She may even make a few of Nyela d’Endel’s  Pokemon Cowls for a few of the children trainers she sees every day.







IMG_3421 A Jigglypuff showed up during a Stitch n’ Spin one evening eager to learn how to knit (and in turn, to demonstrate to the lovely ladies how the game is played)! She’s been thinking of starting a Pokeball Hat with Sasha Stavsky’s pattern, what do you think?








IMG_3437 Sorry dear, we aren’t open just yet! Come back in an hour or so when we open at 10, and we’ll help you try to match the mystery yarn from your stash.













IMG_3435 Nope! Still not open…

… But what a wonderful scarf you finished! Let’s put it on the boss board!



IMG_3436Grump came in with a pattern question a few weeks ago. He was so frustrated that he was getting headaches! Don’t worry, we figured out the problem and he was grump no more. The headache reminded him of the Psyduck amigurumi pattern by Emma Whittle, and thought you all may want to know about it!









IMG_3438 Agrippa was feeling a bit down about trying to find safety eyes for the Chikorita plush pattern by Heartstring Crochet.  Luckily we had just what he was looking for!













IMG_3439Queen Elizabeth came in early one morning to get a gift certificate for her husband, King Henry.  He really enjoys making baby booties and hats, especially Sissy Johnson’s Mudkip earflap hat!IMG_3440