. They’re everywhere!


They’re everywhere!

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If you’ve been around the store lately and/or follow our instagram (which you shooouuuld ) you may have noticed a few new faces running about! A few tiny, adorable, yellow faces. After our spring cleaning sale we were left with a decent amount of yellow Cascade 220, and I was tasked with making as many baby chicks out of one skein as I could  using this adorable pattern that I found (You’ll see later that I decided not to add the knit beak or wings and just went straight to felting their features, because you know me. I have to.) So far I’ve been able to make 5 and still have plenty left over– probably enough to knit up another 3 or 4, possibly 5.

Despite the large number of them, they are all individuals with their own names and personalities! So, at the request of Jen, here are their little profiles! (Or was it Lauren…or was it both…)

Penny is the oldest. She’s soft spoken and loves to garden!


Richard is a bit shy until you get to know him, but he’ll beat you in an eating contest any day.


Bashful little Lilly loves bright colors, and makes friends easily!


Hans has a bit of a temper and lets things ruffle his feathers too easily, but he can play a mean guitar solo.


And finally Lucardo. Lucardo is a ladies’ man.

Spring Selections

Category: spring

Happy Tuesday, wonderful readers! I’m in a good mood today — we have exciting new things coming your way, I’m almost done with my Goldfish sweater, and I’ve just been looking at the beautiful new yarns and patterns some of our suppliers are releasing for spring. Also, last night, it was still light out at 5:15 pm! Woot!

Bubble cables on my Goldfish sweater!

Last week I wrote a cryptic Facebook post about news from Quince & Co. that I couldn’t share yet. You see, they sometimes send me top-secret emails with drool-worthy photos of soon-to-be-released yarns/patterns/kits/plans for world domination. Quince has finally done their own post about this news, so now I’m allowed to share: behold, the Linen Noir collection! They’re doing a series of breathtaking patterns in black linen, both Sparrow (fingering) and Kestrel (worsted). These patterns are described as “summer-night-worthy knits”, and I can safely say that you will not be disappointed. Here’s the first pattern, Deschain, by Leila Raabe:

© Pam Allen

We currently carry Sparrow, but not Kestrel. However, this collection has captured my heart, so I wanted to make you an offer: if you want to make something from the Linen Noir collection, I will order you any color of Sparrow OR Kestrel between now and April 1st. (No joke!)

The other company that really has me excited is Universal Yarn. You may have seen our newest cowl sample on the needles, the Hanasaku Cowl by Tori Gurbisz, using Bamboo Bloom Handpaints and Plymouth Yarn Gina — it’s going to be beautiful! And Universal Yarn has made it so that if you buy the yarn from us, we can give you the pattern for free. Come by and check out your (many, many) color options!

© Universal Yarn

Universal has also just released a fabulous ebook collection featuring Bamboo Pop accessories. I love Bamboo Pop, in all its lightweight, summery glory, and I’m intrigued by several of these patterns. I think my favorite is Philodendron, also by Tori Gurbisz (apparently she’s my new favorite designer).

© Universal Yarn

I’ve been knitting cozy, bulky things all winter, but now I’m ready for spring. Bring on the cute accessories, bright colors, and cool fibers of spring — and summer! Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), the Deschain top will be mine!

(As a reward for those of you who made it all the way to the end of this post: We’re having a huge Spring Cleaning Sale starting this Friday. I’m putting Cascade 220 on sale. Now you know.)

It’s Yarn Rep Season!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at the yarn shop, and not just because it’s spring. Yes, indeed, it is Yarn Rep Season at Over The Rainbow Yarn, and we’re having a great time.

Twice a year, representatives from our favorite yarn companies come to visit us. They bring enormous rolling suitcases and duffle bags, large enough that I could comfortably fit inside — except that the cases and bags are full to the brim with yarns, patterns, and color cards. Sometimes, they’re even full of buttons. These patient reps sit down with us for hours. They show us yarn after yarn, encouraging us to pet all of the delicious fiber, tempting us with beautiful patterns. Sometimes these meetings last all day. Sometimes we stumble out at the end of a meeting with glazed eyes, victims of “yarn overload”. (Luckily, this is a very temporary condition.)

Our reps really know what they’re doing, and they always bring wonderful things to show us. The big challenge is to be selective, and not get carried away. We start out with a big pile of things we want, and then have to whittle it down. Once we decide on a yarn, we still have to select the colors. So many colors!


If we had unlimited shelf space and a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of money, we wouldn’t have to choose. We could buy everything that caught our fancy, and then a few more things just for good measure.


But for better or worse, our space is finite and we aren’t doing the backstroke in piles of gold (and Ryan Gosling has yet to hand me his credit card), so we only buy the things we’re really, really excited about. No spoilers, but… I think you’re going to like the things we’ve chosen so far! Stay tuned for new product announcements in the newsletter over the next few months.