. Work-In-Progress Tuesday


Work-In-Progress Tuesday

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This is a hectic week, so please forgive this short post. I’ve been busy preparing for our Black Friday/Local Saturday Sale (25-75% off selected yarns on 11/25 and 11/26!) and I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow! My family does a delicious but low-key Turkey Day, so I’m anticipating having some good knitting time on Thursday.

Normally it’s WIP (Work-In-Progress) Wednesday, but I never get to blog on Wednesdays, so I’m declaring today WIP Tuesday. I’m really excited to share my latest project with you for two reasons: one, I’m designing it myself, and two, IT’S SO SOFT!!

I’m using one skein of Berroco Folio Luxe: img_7561

And one skein of Caribou by HiKoo: img_7562

It’s going to be a simple cowl (simple enough to knit while playing trivia and talking with friends), and it’s going to be soft, and cozy. Like, fleece-blanket-and-pajamas-on-the-sofa-while-watching-Miss-Fisher’s-Murder-Mysteries-and-drinking-hot-chocolate cozy. But at the same time, it’s going to look ultra chic because of the sheen and subtle sparkle in the Folio Luxe, so you can wear it out to your holiday parties and have everyone ask, “Where did you get that?”.

So far it looks like this: img_7559

But soon it will be the ultimate in glamor and comfort! Stay tuned for the finished item and pattern to come.

Sale Yarns: Would You Like a Pattern With That?

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This week is Rockland’s annual sidewalk sale, and Over The Rainbow Yarn has joined in with gusto. We have two big tables outside, laden with one bin of pattern booklets and seven (7!) bins overflowing with yarn. Everything out there is 25-75% off, except for the pattern booklets — those are $2 each. You could knit a pair of socks for less than the price of a movie ticket!

I’m pretty excited about this sale. There’s a lot of great stuff in those bins, some of which I might have to buy myself, if you all don’t get to it first (please, save me from myself!). I’ve been staring at all of these yarns, and thinking about the cool things they could become. Since I can’t possibly make all of these items myself, I’m going to share some of the patterns with you.


© Andra Asars

Berroco Brio is in the 50% off bin this week, so I just have to recommend the Quick Slip Cowl by Andra Asars. I’ve already made this cowl twice, and I’m barely restraining myself from grabbing another skein. That’s the beauty of this free pattern — it only takes one skein, and it is a super fast knit on size 15 needles. For under $10, you could have a holiday gift ready to go by the end of the week. This cowl is also reversible, and looks great worn as a single loop, or doubled over for extra coziness.







© Sharyn Anhalt

The Luxury Silk Sport is also on sale, in the 25% off section. This yarn is so deliciously sleek, it really needs to be against your skin, preferably in the form of Turbinado, by Sharyn Anhalt. This crescent shawl would be my go-to item for the fall wedding I’ll be attending, or the perfect light layer for when Brooks next takes me out to dinner at Primo (Are you reading this, honey?). Mine would of course have to be in the luscious raspberry color we have.







© Katie Vlasov

Tobnoggan by Katie Vlasov  is my suggestion for American Lamb, a bulky weight yarn grown and processed in the U.S. and currently 75% off. This is another one-skein wonder, and I can’t even tell you how much I value my earflap hat on cold February days. Tobnoggan features classic cables, plus a fun pompom. If you got two or three colors of American Lamb (75% off!), you could easily make multiple striped hats.







Our sidewalk sale is running from now through this Friday, the 12th. If the weather is bad, we’ll set it up indoors. This is the perfect opportunity to snag some yarns for gifts, and to get started on your holiday knitting! These three patterns are merely the tip of the iceberg — I have so many more in mind for all of the lovely, lovely yarns in our sale bins. Just ask me!