. It’s Been a While


It’s Been a While

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I’ve been running back and forth between so many projects lately– for the store and personal work at home — that I’ve completely forgotten that I haven’t made a blog post about coloring page sketches in a while!  Lucky for you all, this means there’s plenty to take a peek at. Here are some past sketches, some possible future ones, and a tiny sprinkling of leftovers from lunch breaks (if you can spot them).







Fiber Dreams and Creative Fulfillment

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Over the Rainbow Yarn

Once upon a time in 2014, I applied for a job that I’d have performed well at, but it wasn’t for me. Making and dreaming are too much a part of me, and this job wasn’t a creative job. Occasionally, I even feel a twinge of gratitude that I was rejected because instead I found my way here to Over the Rainbow Yarn.

What do you think working at a yarn shop entails? When I tell people where I work, I’m not sure that it’s clear. Of course I can operate a cash register like a pro, but this shop is unequivocally more than a convenience store. I studied Communication Design in college, and surprisingly I think my education comes into play every day. (What’s Communication Design, you ask? Well – I studied graphic design and illustration, with a healthy emphasis on the essence of those disciplines: communication. i.e. every mark should mean something.)

I am a creative consultant nearly every time a customer walks through the door. I get to listen to people tell me about their vision, and then help them make their fiber dreams come true. I get to help people decide which yarn would work best for this pattern, or which pattern would work best for that yarn. I get to suggest ways to adapt patterns and customize knitting projects.

Drape Versus Structure

Find educational tidbits like this one in the newsletter every week.

I am a fiber expert and educator. I like to think I can solve any knitting problem. Ask me any question, and I’ll teach you how to do the thing that’s tripping you up. Sometimes I don’t know right off the bat, but I will sit down with you and puzzle through it, armed with my intimate understanding of the structure of knitted fabric, the properties of fibers, and the process of both writing and reading a knitting pattern.

I update our website, overtherainbowyarn.com on an ongoing basis, to keep it engaging and current. I’ve had to brush up on my web design and development skills, to say the least. My education is perpetual.

Skill Builder SeriesBirthday Banner

Cowl Club

Boss Of Socks

Above: There’s always something going on at OTR.

Over the Rainbow Yarn's Pot O GoldI write and design our weekly newsletter, Over the Rainbow Yarn’s Pot O’ Gold. I spend many hours and sometimes several days each week ruminating on and writing about all the things that I’m excited to talk about whether you walk through the door or only check in over the internet. I get to incorporate graphics to add clarity and visual interest to every issue.

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I take photographs for use on all sorts of social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course the newsletter and the website. I hoard image files on my hard drive like nobody’s business. You never know when you might need it!

I invent original knit projects, and when I can find the time, I write knitting patterns for our Ravelry.com shop.

I think graphic design usually flies beneath the awareness of most viewers, but I also labor over store signage, event posters, Facebook headers, advertisements, and knitting pattern layout on a regular basis.

Baby Yarn

That’s the day-to-day. We all like to dream big here. Mim and the rest of us are bursting with big ideas about books we’d like to publish (an original knitting themed coloring book is in the pipeline), events we’d like to plan, and patterns we’d like to design, and I intend to use my creative powers to bring our dreams to fruition and share the love of yarn with the world!