. NaKniSweMo Update: Transposing Colorwork Motifs


NaKniSweMo Update: Transposing Colorwork Motifs

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Oh, my lovelies…I’m on the 6th iteration of my sleeves.  Remember I wanted to put colorwork on the sleeves as a modification to the pattern?  Well, the round yoke motif has decreases in it in order to fit the contours of shoulders and neck, but a sleeve has increases in order to fit the widening of an arm from wrist to biceps.

IMG_2079It has taken me several tries tries to rework the color motifs so that they match the yoke, but incorporate increases in a way that doesn’t leave an ugly mess on the under side of the wrist.  I finally had to resort to graph paper and markers to envision it.  I graphed and graphed and graphed.  Starting with the six stitch repeat and adding increases, then trying to coordinate colors in the increases until I had a six extra stitches to ad a whole motif.  Taking the jog into consideration of course.  Oh, and making sure the centers of the upper rows line up with the centers of the lowers rows.  Holy cannoli what a process!  When I finally got the rhythm of what I wanted, I left Row 11 out of the chart and had to punt!  you can see the separate row 11 on the page with rows 1 through 10 below and rows 12 through 22 above.  Now my Frankensweater has a Frankenchart for the sleeves!

IMG_2081But it is working!  Now that I’ve gotten it straightened out, I’ll finish the colorwork cuff on this sleeve, then get to the same place on the other sleeve and put them both on two circs.  Then I’ll be able to knit like the wind and have it done by the end of the month…probably, maybe, hopefully.