. Who’s The Boss?


Who’s The Boss?

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KateHitofude_WEBI can hardly describe how much I love seeing the work our customers do. Just like in elementary school, show and tell is my favorite time of day. I look around the shop each day, thinking of all the potential which the skeins of yarn on our shelves possess to become shawls, sweaters, hats, socks, mittens, plush toys, pillows, blankets, and other fine works of art. But of course, there’s not enough time in a lifetime to make all the things that float about in my mind. That’s where you, people of my knitting community, come in.

There’s something communal about knitting. I’m drawn to other knitters. I don’t typically feel comfortable around people, but if they are knitters, it puts my mind at ease. I feel like we’re part of the same world. I know that we share the same struggles and triumphs. The dropped stitches are symbolic of all disappointments, and the lace motifs taking shape are indicative of all the breakthroughs. I’m delighted by the fact that when you share with me, we can share each other’s pride and joy!

CarynBabyHat_WEB“Who’s The Boss?” is one of our tag lines here at the shop. We love to advocate for our people. It’s great to know all the knitting techniques, of course, but the fact is: it’s your craft, and you’re the boss of it. If you want to follow your pattern so meticulously that there’s not one single mistake to be found in your work, you’re the boss. If you love the imperfections, you’re the boss. If you want to make those sleeves longer and add polka dots, you’re the boss. If knowing only the basic knit stitch is enough for you, and you only want to knit in blue, that’s great – you’re the boss.

ChildSweater_Hat_WEBYou might have noticed the “Who’s The Boss?” board we’ve set up right beside the front door. Or if you don’t visit the shop as frequently, you might have noticed the “Who’s The Boss?” galleries on our website and Facebook page. If you haven’t, take a gander some time. The folks on our real and virtual walls are just like you – knitters of all kinds who’ve shared their work and their joy with us.

Thank you, friends!


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