. An Easygoing Post


An Easygoing Post

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Since this week has successfully turned me into a zombie that’s lost their glasses, let’s unwind a little bit today with a nice, easygoing blog post with sketches from the coloring book.




Applying Knitting-Knowledge Outside of Knitting

Category: illustration

I’ve never been a huge fan of the saying “draw what you know“. It seems limiting, doesn’t it? Looking back at it now, though, I can see some merit to these words. Since I started working here, I can see that I’ve added new subjects to my illustration work that I never would have considered before regarding the knowledge I’ve gained about knitting, crocheting, yarn, etc. Probably the most obvious example would be for the coloring pages that get put in the newsletter (which you can find on our website as a free download for a short time! ).

A less obvious way that I’ve noticed is that it’s seeped not only into my drawing, but also into my writing. All the knowledge, conversations, behaviors, etc. I’ve partaken in seem to have found their way into how I create characters. They add layers that make them seem more concrete than before, more alive, more relatable. This is astounding to me, and I’m beyond pleased with the growth that such a vastly different art has been able to provide in my work! 

The amount of times I need to have a reference photo for what knitting looks like is also astounding. Drawing needles in action is difficult, man. 

More Coffee, Please

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Congratulations, Sunday. At the end of a hysterical month involving planning for literally a million different projects both fiber related and not, Pennsic homesickness (I’m not crying, you’re crying), trying to find a new place to live (don’t worry, we found one), and not getting any sleep in between, you caught me off guard with the need for a blog post; However, one of those millions of planned projects is new coloring pages, so I hope you all will enjoy another impromptu pile of sketches!





















Sometimes lunchbreaks give me needle felting ideas.

IMG_3488 ¿¿¿¿¿And I don’t even know what this was supposed to be ?????IMG_3487