. DIY Costume Pieces for Halloween


DIY Costume Pieces for Halloween

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I love Halloween. A holiday all about chocolate and costumes? Yes, please! (I am equally passionate about theme parties, for similar reasons.) Whenever possible, I like to make my own costumes, and I actually think that’s part of the fun. I recently spent a little time browsing Ravelry for handmade Halloween costume items to share with all of you, and there are some really fun pattern ideas out there!

Wigs: You can knit or crochet a wig for just about any character — long hair, short hair, colorful hair, wild hair. Plus, it’s basically a hat, so it will help keep you cozy on a chilly Halloween night.


© Charlotte W.

The Lassie Wig Hat by Charlotte W. is a great foundation for any costume that calls for a wig. You can do braids, or pigtails, or even wind the braids on either side, space-princess-style. Thread sturdy wire through the braids and you’ve got Pippi Longstocking! Throw a horned helmet on top and you can be a Viking!





© Mary Scott Huff

The Dolly pattern by Mary Scott Huff is perfect for a number of classic costumes. Goldilocks, a rag doll, Shirley Temple, Little Bo Peep… This knitted wig also features a hat base, to help your curls stay in place, and it would be easy to make longer curls if you need them. With any hat-based wig, you can pretty much create any hairstyle — simply weave or tie the yarn into the hat base.




Masks and disguises: As a crafty person, you can custom-make a mask to fit your face, which means no more ill-fitting costumes that slip down over your eyes!


© BuddyRumi

The Disguise Mask by Ana Rosa is a delightful yarn-y take on a classic. I especially love the option for the fuzzy eyebrows. This disguise can stand alone as a costume, or be part of a Mr. Potato Head!






© Coats & Clark

Mask Gone Batty by Cristina Mershon is a slightly more elegant mask option. Crocheting this in aran weight yarn will make for a quick, last minute option. Add a black lace shawl — bonus points if you made it yourself!




There are so many amazing costume pieces out there! Hats, gloves, mermaid tails…


© Lion Brand Yarn

Check out the Witchy Hands by Kim Hamlin — creepy yet cozy at the same time!






© Coats & Clark

This Halloween Top Hat by Sharon Mann is super fun, and can be customized in almost any way you can imagine. Circus Ringmaster, Mad Hatter, steampunk…





There’s still plenty of time to grab some yarn and add a handmade touch to your costume! Ravelry has pages and pages of Halloween goodies, and we have skeins and skeins of yarn! Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here making a wearable cloud out of FiberFil and hot glue. Get crafty!







Decking the Halls

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It’s cold, it’s dark, there’s rain glossing over the fallen leaves on the sidewalk, and it is perfect. Now that Fall is here, I can finally be comfortable and dress in my full, layered regalia– and by that, I mean tights and close-toed shoes. Gone for now are the days of making loud, obnoxious “flip-flop” sounds when I’m trying to slink silently and unseen through the night. What I’m most excited about, however, is being able to decorate my own house for the seasons.

Now, while I adore the looks of all the Halloween decorations you can find out there, I must be honest with myself. Plastic really doesn’t suit my style, and what’s worse is that after the holiday is over and gone for another year, these things will only remain in tact for about a week and end up cluttering the basement for the next tenants to remove and complain about.

“So what will I do now?!” I asked myself. Pumpkin carving is an option, but it’s terribly messy, frustrating, and takes so much work for something that will just end up rotting away in the end. No, pumpkin carving wasn’t really an option, but pumpkin felting was and is.

Using this adorable pattern as a starting point for the pumpkins, I’ve been knitting with Quince&Co’s Lark and Osprey, then stuff them to the brim with Bartlett roving before they’re wet felted (by hand, because Quince yarns felt like a dream). This way when they’re done, the inside will be a solid, felted mass.

I plan on making many more and needle felting designs (and possibly faces) on them once they’re fully dry. At the moment they’re still a bit damp and lack stems, but that’ll be remedied in time for the holidays.


Halloween photoshoot, anyone?


Hallkatla the mandrake says hello!