. Fall Knitting in Maine


Fall Knitting in Maine

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Baskets of fall-hued yarns adorn our coffee table this month.

Considering the time one must dedicate to a large knitting project, I eagerly wrote about knitting cozy sweaters for fall back in August, perhaps the day I felt the first whiff of cool air. Now all of a sudden, it’s late September. Fall officially begins tomorrow.

I’ve heard many people note that fall snuck up on them this year. I’m not sure whether the weather conditions in Maine were peculiar this year, or whether we just tend to notice anew every year how short our summer season is. Despite being the precursor to an inevitably long, dark and cold winter, fall is probably the most popular season in Maine. We jokingly call the tourists who pour into Maine (at the pace of molasses) “leaf peepers”, because they come from far and wide simply to appreciate the beautiful colors of our fall foliage. In the fall, I always feel a surge of gratitude that I get to live in such a beautiful place all year. There are so many reasons to embrace the fall.


We ordered a few kits for Mrs. Knitter’s beautiful October Traditions Tam this month. Who wouldn’t want to wear this glorious hat in the fall? And if you think you can’t knit color work like this, I promise it’s easier than you think!

I think most businesses in Maine see a stark shift of business between the summer-fall months, and the winter-spring months. For many businesses with tourist appeal, it’s either on-season or off-season, with little in-between. Summer is on and winter is off. It’s different here though. Interestingly, knitting season happens to fall mostly during the off-months.

While I knit every single day year-round, I appreciate that some people consider knitting a fall and winter hobby. I know there are people out there who stepped outside some time this month, and realized that it’s time to pull their basket of knitting supplies out of the closet, and pick up where they left off last spring. What a delightful day that must be!

So today, I’m excited about the eternal cycle of the seasons, and eager to find out what this fall has in store for myself and for the knitters in my life. I can’t wait to meet the knitters who are just passing through admiring the fall colors, and to re-meet the knitters who return every fall. This fall, I’m hard at work on designing objects and writing patterns for our 12 Weeks of Christmas knit-along (and now also crochet-along!) series. What are you knitting this fall? I’d love to see your latest obsession, masterpiece, or means to pass the time, whatever knitting is to you.

If you need any inspiration (or proof that fall is knitting season), searching Ravelry.com for “autumn” yields 73 pages of luscious fall-hued results.

autumn_bloom_shawl autumn_vines_beretPictured: Autumn Bloom shawl by Melissa Thomson, and Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dakos

Fall is in the Air

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I’m being teased with the cool weather today. I yearn for crisp Autumn days turning into dark, snowy Winter nights. I detest Summer, I really do, which is why I’m trying to get as much of a head start on Fall as I can by knitting themed garments.


Right now I am currently working on a free pattern for a scarf called October is for Spinners, and I am beyond excited to wear the end product.  Rather than using 4 strands of lace weight together, however, I’ve decided to go with 4 strands of fingering weight to make it a little larger– Ultra Alpaca Fine, to be specific.

I’m so excited. Maybe I’ll actually have it done by Halloween if I’m diligent.


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