. Baby Sweater In Progress


Baby Sweater In Progress

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Back in August, I was agonizing over what to make for a friend’s baby, and I just wanted to let you all know that I finally decided! (Yes, the baby has also already arrived, but I’m making a 1-2 year size, so it’ll be fine.)

I picked Goldfish by Alexa Ludeman of Tin Can Knits, and I’m using Berroco Vintage DK in Bird’s Egg #2136 for the main color, and Fuchsia #21176 for the fishies! The needles are Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, my favorites. So far, all I have is the collar edge, but I’m already loving it, and can’t wait to get to the colorwork section.


The most exciting part about this project is that my amazing partner is knitting it with me. (Honestly, I never get tired of talking about how great he is — but tell me if you’re getting sick of hearing it.) He knew how to crochet when we met, and quickly learned to knit so he could make a great scarf for his mom. It seems that we knit to about the same gauge, so we’ve been taking turns with the project. If there’s enough yarn left at the end, I’ll translate the goldfish motif into a matching baby hat for winter!