Summer yarns

I want you to meet some friends of mine.  These are the summer yarns.  Light, soft, rich, and in beautiful colors, these are the best companions for the hot days of summer.  They offer cool breathability and lovely drape.  And their pattern sidekicks were born to keep you comfortable in the warmer months.

This is Sanibel.

She is a soft cotton ribbon, dyed in subtle tonal colors with random bits of satin.

She knits up beautifully…

…and is a dream to crochet.

She also comes with a free pattern for Martha’s Toddler Hat.  (Though I think the hat is just as sweet on adults.)

This is Origami.

And her more popular sister Captiva.

Both of these beauties have a very narrow ribbon structure, a slinky, silky hand and are knit on a larger needle than you would think.  Captiva is a blend of cotton and acrylic, while Origami sports some linen in her makeup.  The patterns are pretty and knit up quickly.

Captiva comes in straight colors with a subtle metallic sheen.  Origami is multi-colored but not self striping.  She gives a bright tweedy look just right for pairing with everything in your closet.


This is Cotton Bamboo.  She’s not at all “cottony.”

She’s tightly spun which gives her a bounce and stitch definition more like sport weight sock yarns.  The bamboo in her gives her rich color saturation and a sweet soft hand.

This is Seedling.

And this is her bigger cousin, Sprout.

Both are classic cottons with a ripple like texture.  Seedling, with her pretty variegations and fun summer colors is a sport gauge, and Sprout, with her more muted solid tones is closer to a worsted gauge.  They are both perfect for babies and kids.

This is Katydid.

She’s 100% organic cotton, but her flat ribbon structure is intriguing.  She has a bit of a shine to her and her stitch definition is not what you’d expect from either a cotton or a ribbon yarn.

She’s a colorful beauty sure to please.

This is Firefly.

Part Viscose, part Linen and all feminine.  She has a wonderful hand, a soft summer drape and a glamour all her own.

This is Ripple.

She is an all cotton think-‘n-thin ribbon.  Like most of the summer yarns, she has a silky hand and she knits up into a beautifully textured fabric.

Perfect for a light summer scarf or shawl.

And this Tempo

And her sister Tiffany.

Tempo is a multicolor thick-‘n-thin cotton with a confetti-like tweedy look, while Tiffany is more tonal in color with a strand of gold or silver metallic thread.  The Taormina Circle Vest has been one of our more popular patterns this season and can be made with either of these beauties.


While we have loved all of our summer friends, we have fall and winter yarns arriving and it’s getting full in here.  These and other summer yarns are 25%, now through Labor Day.  There’s still time for a last summer fling.


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