Summer yarns and letting go

It’s really hard for me to imagine that a whole season has sped by since I was here with you last.  I have had my head in a million other places, learning a million other things.  When I hibernate for the winter, it seems I really do it up, dreaming away in my cave, mulling plans for the active time to come.  Now the active time has come and, like a bunch of dropped stitches, there are strands of things left undone which have to be picked up and put in their proper places.  Yesterday, I saw robins in my yard, and this week the summer yarns have started to arrive.  These are the signs of a season changing once again.

As with any season change, it is also a time to assess our direction and see if the old plans are still the right ones.  It’s time to take a look around and see what’s actually here, not what I dreamed would be here when I awoke from the winter.  And you know what I see?  Yarn!  Glorious yarn!  Such wonderful summer yarns that I am having all I can do to stick with my design plans and not go haring off into a serious case of startitis.

Um…actually…I have a confession to make.  I have not been able to resist the startitis temptation.  I have a darling skirt back from the test knitter, and a lovely shawl out to the test knitter, and two more concepts with swatches in various states that need to be written up into followable patterns.  But they are old news.  All I want to do is cavort with the Berroco Lago and Universal Bamboo Pop.  I have visions of beach wear and flirty summer laces.  To heck with heavy sweaters; give me mesh tunics that can be thrown over a short skirt and cami for a night of dancing.  My crochet hook is smoking, my knitting needles are steaming, and I’m getting into the summer groove with two different versions of a sleeveless summer duster type vest thingy that can be worn over a bathing suit or can elevate a pair of capris and a tank top to an ensemble.  One will be crochet in Bamboo Pop, one will be knit in Lago.

summer yarn 1

And I can’t wait to show you the finished products.  The Game of Thrones folks have it backwards…the truth is, winter is over.  Summer is coming!

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