Yes dear lovelies, it’s true. My stash is gone– well, for now anyway. My fiancé and I are trying to buy a house, so it’s all been tucked away into storage (turns out it makes wonderful stuffing to protect that most-prized-possession). But oh, I have done a silly thing. My stash is away, but my needles are still with me  all sad and empty. And thoroughly tempting. Surely having all your yarn gone just means you get to buy more, right? Well… sort of. 

I’ve had to give myself a new rule in order to keep from burdening our hosts with piles of yarn. Yes, you guessed it. If I want to knit anything, I can only have one project going at a time, and I have to finish before I buy more. I’m definitely not this kind of knitter, so it’s proven to be quite a challenge so far.

What sort of knitter are you? Do you like to buy yarn for one project and only have that one project going at a time, or do you let your stash run free and your needles adorned with projects that will tooootally be finished someday? Maybe a combination of both? 

Written by Catherine Eason

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  1. Catherine, I can’t imagine having only enough yarn for your present project just like I can’t imagine having only the book I am currently reading. Since finding Over the Rainbow this past summer, I have become a knitting addict — in my mid-70’s no less after years of on-and-off knitting. My knitting has improved so much since attending the Wednesday morning knits and taking charge — i.e., being the boss of my knitting. So, of course, I am knitting Christmas presents for everyone (3 finished so far) and falling in love with yarns and patterns which requires me to build up my stash as well as dip into it for that new pattern I’ve just discovered. Good luck with your new self-discipline and the new house!

    • Hi all,
      For years and years, I would allow myself one project on needles at a time. I found that getting excited about my next project acted as motivation to finish the current one, this did have the advantage of my finishing everything I started. Over the past 18 or so years I have left that discipline behind, at this time I have four projects (counting the one I about to cast on) I can’t seem to fight my need to give in to the excitement of new project! I am hoping to keep it to four max though or I fear nothing will ever be finished. The advantages I find in having multiple projects going are, if one is big and heavy, best suited for winter knitting I am not forced to continue it when the temps are high and having all that work in my lap is hot, I like always having at least one small portable project I can tuck in a small bag and pull out while waiting in line or for an appointment or even while riding in the car. Best of all, I can work on the project that suits my mood. I am trying to follow one rule I gave myself, knit at least one row on each project before settling in for an evening of knitting on my piece of choice.
      I did just recently dig out all my stash, kept finding more even after I was sure I had it all, it was everywhere! I donated a big bag full of yarn to Mim’s (Aunt? Sister’s? charity – for more on that ask any minion at OTR) tossed some ends and pieces and then organized the rest all in one area so hey, I deserved to buy more for a new project, right? LOL
      Well, knitting friends, I am off to cast on my fourth and the last project until at least one of them is done!! Happy knitting and happy stash building or not. 🙂 As long as we create beautiful things and love what we do, it is all good!!

  2. My yarn group had a Yankee Swap last Christmas, and one member wrote that she would come, but wouldn’t participate in the swap, since she’d have to go shopping because she didn’t have any extra yarn. That, my friends, is just plain sad. So I brought an extra skein to get her stash started. I was not the only member who brought extra yarn for her!
    If you don’t have a stash, how can you justify buying more patterns? Around and around it goes!

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