So many loves

This is Marie.  She just finished her hat.

It’s really pretty and the braided cable was challenging and fun to work.  But the remarkable thing about this hat is that Marie started it five years ago.  I don’t know about you, but I find that inspiring.  As a process knitter who has been accused of fear of commitment, as a chronic sufferer of startitis who has more UFO’s lying around than I can even remember let alone count, I am always humbly amazed when people dig something out of deep stash and finish it.  It almost makes me what to go through the boxes in my attic…and my cellar, and my closet, and my stash room, etc…and find at least one thing that I used to love, and could rekindle an attraction to, and get it done.

Almost.  But I frogged my brioche stitch scarf because I made it too wide and I was running out of yarn.  So instead of looking like this…

it now looks like this…

Still pretty, just a different kind of striping/pooling.
Marie and her hat inspire me, but maybe instead of hauling everything out to find a forgotten love, I could just stick with the one I have?

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