Shortcuts in Adulting 101

While I’m very excited to almost be fully moved into our new house (granted, moving during the Lobster Festival was probably not the best timing), there are a few things I’m not-so-excitedly trying to find money saving shortcuts for– electricity and water bills for 3 adults being the largest concerns. Electricity and water bills for 3 adults worth of laundry when you have a loyal, but old dryer that takes two runs of 1 hour each to fully dry a load being one of those largest concerns. Despite working at a yarn store, having an intense love for felting, going to many festivals geared towards fiber and greener living solutions, and seeing them being sold just about everywhere, the solution didn’t hit me until a little while ago: dryer balls. Not only could these help the poor dryer finish the run faster and with less static, but we also won’t have to be buying unnecessary things like dryer sheets.

The question now isn’t whether or not I’ll buy them, but what method I’ll use to make them. I’ve seen so many people talk about knitting or crocheting a ball and stuffing it with roving or more yarn, wet felting roving,  straight felting a ball of yarn without turning it into anything beforehand, and even wrapping a tennis ball with yarn or roving and wet felting that. We all know, of course, that regardless of which method I go with, the surface will end up being needle felted.

Because I can’t help myself.


Written by Catherine Eason

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