Randomly on a Wednesday.

I have a cold.  I mean I have a cold like I haven’t had a cold in a long time.  Lungs on fire, dry, painful cough, drippy nose and deep, deep fatigue.  So what am I doing here?  I find I can’t stay away for more than a couple of days at a time.  I start to worry and wonder what kind of fun y’all are having without me.  Oh, and I left all my knitting and crochet projects here so I had nothing to work on while I suffered on the couch.  So I’m here for a little while and then I’ll go home and try to take better care of myself.

And while I’m here…

Here is a pretty little sweater knit by our very own Gig McMorrow.  It’s Cascade Pacific Chunky in a lovely shade of deep purple with soft creamy stripes.


It’s super soft and warm, but my favorite part is that she started by making the buttons…


…then matched them to the yarn.



So clever, and so sweet!

I am still plugging away on my knit wire bracelet.  I really love these things and we’re thinking seriously about having a workshop sometime this summer.


There are a few tricks, but it’s not difficult at all.  And what a great accessory for summer.

We got some new mittens in for the Mid-Coast Mitten Tree.



I think that brings our tally so far to 16 pairs.  That’s a great start!  Just keep us in mind while you’re looking for quick summer projects, or stash busters.  Remember, the only requirement is that they be green.

I think I’ll go home now and fix myself a cup of that nasty but compelling chinese medicine tea my naturopath gave me, and pray for some sleep without coughing.

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