Purple Fleece Review

I am not an expert spinner.  I actually consider myself a competent novice.  But every once in a while I fall in love with a roving.  I have been eyeing the Purple Fleece rovings ever since they came in.

Well, actually I have been eyeing them since before they came in.  The merino and tencel blend especially called out to me.  In color  You Red My Mind it is positively delicious.

I started with my Schact 2oz drop spindle.  The roving drafts like a dream.  The merino keeps it soft and lofty and the tencel makes it the the right amount of slippery.  It flowed through my fingers like water and I was able to get an even, thin fine lace weight singles.

When I plied, I got a 15 wpi worsted spun sport weight with subtle color blends that I loved even more than the singles.

Knitted up in a tiny swatch, it did a pretty self striping thing.  I under spun the ply so there is a little bit of bias in the knitted swatch but the texture and color are spectacular.  The hint is silky sheen from the tencel makes it very special indeed.

So far I am loving the Purple Fleece even more than I though I would.  I’ll try the rest of the 4oz wreath on my wheel and probably turn it into fingerless mitts.  Or maybe I’ll move on to spin some BFL/Silk blend, or maybe the merino superwash, or maybe…

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