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So within the last week my exercise routine has been flipped completely upside-down, from meandering around the store as needed and sitting around at home to intense, hour+long excursions around Rockland every morning and night. Maybe you know someone else who has gotten into the Pokémon Go craze, or you yourself are playing– or maybe you have no idea what it is at all. Regardless of your awareness of the game, the thought it has put in my brain is for all!  With all of the server crashes and game-freezing glitches ( who doesn’t have to shake out a few bugs at the beginning?) my thoughts have turned to knitting on the go– portable project bags in particular.

Before I share these amazing bags that I’ve found (several of which I am already determined to make) I’d just like to remind everyone that whether you’re walking around while playing this augmented reality game on your mobile device or knitting/crocheting/etc., be sure to keep alert and be aware of your surroundings. Safety first! 

Kässäpussi 013

© Koppa (? Google Translate is not always so helpful)

This bag is the only one on my list that isn’t knit or crochet, but goodness do I have bag-envy! 









© Tanis Gray

I really  love the Eastern Market Tote, and I’ve had it on my to-knit list for a little while now. We even have it as a sample in the store for the yarn Cairns!









© Patons

I’m particularly fond of the clasp on the Felted Flannel Backpack, though I’m not sure that I would keep it closed if the goal were to be simultaneous knitting and walking.  Still, pretty!









© Brigitte Read

The Little Acorn Project Bag might only be able to hold smaller projects, but I was so intrigued by the idea that I had to include it.  It seems like there have been plenty of people able to modify it so it’s larger, too.








© Adrian Bizilia



Nobody should be surprised that I found this and now possess the pattern. Nobody. 








© Erssie

I was originally going to end the post with that felted bag, but a little bit more browsing through Ravelry gave me this gem and I just had to share the Silvanus pattern with you all! Another project on my to-do list.

Written by Catherine Eason

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