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Okay, my lovelies…  Today is monday and four days from now we will be celebrating National I Love Yarn Day by knitting a Community Blanket in a 24 hour Knitting Marathon.  We have had a lot of folks enthusiastically interested but not enough committing to actual knitting shifts.  We still need 30 knitter to make this idea a reality.  Now my staff are all good knitters and we are doing our part, but we can’t do it alone.  So, in order to entice you to sign up for a two hour shift, we’ll be offering a prize at the change of every shift.

Every time we seat a new team, the four names from the outgoing team will go into a hat and we’ll draw to see who get the goodies for that shift.  That’s a one-in-four chance of taking home something great.  Then, at the end of the whole thing, all the knitters names will go into the hat and we’ll draw for one big Grand Prize.

For the rest of this week, I’ll be posting what the prizes will be…  First up is the lovely skein of hand-dyed, hand-spun from Rachel at On The Round.  It’s a merino wool, Rambouillet fleece, firestar, mylar, flax, bamboo and silk noil so it has some sparkle and some soft, some bounce and some drape.  It is all the best things we like about yarn all spun up into one magic skein.  Single ply, 240 yards.


Next, we’re offering a brand new copy of Debbie Bliss’s new pattern book, Blue Faced Leicester Aranwhich supports her new Heritage Breeds BFL yarn.  Thirteen designs, mostly in textured stitches, showcase the yarns traditional wool qualities.

Pretty, right?  Debbie does great designs and we carry the yarn.  Speaking of which, next, we have three balls of Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester yarn in a lovely blue called “Denim”


And last for today, we have a pretty project bag from Pipsqueaks.  These darlings are big enough for most things and have nice pockets on the inside for notions and such.  The vintage inspired fabrics are adorable and we especially love the polkadots.

I’ll be back tomorrow, posting more prizes to entice you.  Meanwhile, let us know what two hour shift you’d like to knit.  It’ll be fun to celebrate I Love Yarn Day together as a community.

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