On your mark, get set…

Today is Monday, July 30th and the summer is flying by so fast I can hardly catch my breath. Now it’s only three days from Maine’s Fastest Knitter race and we still have a lot to do. Each knitter will have her (so far all entrants are women) stitches already cast on, four rows already knit and a contrasting color already joined so the race can begin on a completely even playing field. And all that casting on and knitting needs to be done. We have forms to create so we can keep track of who’s who and how we can get in touch with them. We need promotional banners for our venue. And the car needs to be bombed.

Yup. The winner will be riding in the Lobster Festival Parade on the back seat of a Mustang convertible and, of course, the car needs to extra special yarny goodness added. We’ll be turning this…


Into something like this…

(do go read the article on the Huffington Post site)

I’ve been looking at so many pictures of yarn bombed vehicles that make me laugh out loud or drool. But with only three days left and so much to do, I think we have to keep our goals modest for this year. Though we plan to do this race every year at the Lobster Festival and I kind of like the idea of a piece we add onto year ofter year. It’s fun to watch something evolve over time.  Still, anyone who wants come to Stitch and Spin tonight and help us knit, crochet, weave, felt, or  braid a car cozy is welcome. We can sure use the help.

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