On Needle Holders

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has  needles and hooks that enjoy a good ( inconvenient) run about the house. I put them in a case, but alas they get all jumbled up if I don’t keep them separated with rubber bands, and even then sometimes they still do!

So while browsing the giant abyss of beautiful photos that is Pinterest, I came across something marvelous! And felted! You know I love felt, so I just had to share this with you, lovelies:

Fairy Castles © Tiny Owl Knits

Adorable, felted fairy castles! Now, how does this relate to storing needles you ask? Well, if one just removes the roof…

Fairy Castles © Tiny Owl Knits

Tada! The body of the castle unrolls into the perfect place to store all those pesky wandering needles and hooks! The best part? It’s a pattern you can get on Ravelry!!

Thank you, Tiny Owl Knits, you’ve absolutely made my day!

Written by Catherine Eason

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