No trouble in Paradise

I had my qualms, of course.  I wasn’t sure it was going to work out between Corinne and Boyfriend.  I worried that I would like one better than another, or that one would be slower that the other.  But they are both growing, they are both easy enough to be fast, but interesting enough to keep me knitting and they are just different enough from each other to keep my grasshopper brain satisfied.

Corinne is ready for her second sleeve and Boyfriend is less than an inch from his back shoulder and neck shaping.

I’ve knit my way through seven of the 16 skein these two are going to take which is just a little under half way. And it’s only the 12th.  I know you all thought I had put on my crazy pants, and I could not say you were completely without good reason to suggest that I might want to rethink this whole thing.  But I think I’m going to make it.  My only difficulty will be deciding which one of these luscious beauties to to wear on December 1.

Don’t anybody mention the holiday knitting.


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