New Driftwood Needles!

Good Morning, Lovelies– let me show you a cool thing!

After playing around with some sample sets we have decided to start carrying Lykke: Driftwood needles in circulars and single-points, and we encourage you to come in and try the samples we have behind the desk! Not only do they look amazing ( no, really, they’re my new favorites), but they feel amazing too. They’re much  smoother than other wooden needles I’ve used, and feel cool to the touch. I have yet to have issues with the tips splitting yarn, and oh gosh. Guys. They’re unbelievably lightweight. 

At the moment we have single-points and a few circulars, but we have more circulars on order as well as 3 interchangeable sets and a set for double-points! 

Written by Catherine Eason

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