NaKniSweMo Update: The End Is Upon Me

MimSweaterSleeves_Small So…I let myself get waaaay distracted with the color charting for the sleeves.  I wasted precious knitting time playing cards with my family on Thanksgiving.  I was sick one day and had a migraine one other day and could not knit.  I got involved in the business of running the shop.  All of which is to say that I did not finish my November Sweater.



MimSweater_SmallI’m half way up the body and half way up the sleeves, and I love it very, very much as I see it coming together.  I’ll finish it while I’m away for Christmas.  But I am wondering; is there a special ring of heck for those of us who don’t finish our November sweaters in November?  Does anyone know?  Are there demerits that go on our permanent record?  Or do we go blithely on with no consequences at all…except the disappointment and frustration of not being able to wear our new creations on December 1st?  Ah, well.  I’ll have a sweater eventually.  How did you all do on your sweaters?

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