My Top 3 Knitwear Designers

I’ve already confessed to spending too much time on Ravelry, and not enough time knitting. Part of the problem is that there are Just. Too. Many. Patterns. out there, and more are being designed every day. While I love discovering new designers, I have a handful of favorites who keep me coming back, every time. Behold, the list of my Top 3 Knitwear Designers:

Eased (Bulky version) ©Aliciaplum

Eased (Bulky version) ©Aliciaplum

3. Alicia Plummer. For starters, she lives in Maine, so we already know she’s awesome. Her patterns are beautifully textured, and they all look wonderfully wearable. Alicia’s designs make me want to go camping, or curl up in front of a fire with a good book. She loaned us some of her sample garments once, and I got to wear Eased. I have to tell you, I almost didn’t give it back, it was that cozy (and it was my color, too). Even though it’s summer (at last!), I’ve got this urge to knit with Mirasol Ushya, a luscious super bulky on our shelves — and it’s all Alicia’s fault! She has designed a cowl called Au Courant that absolutely must be around my neck by the time the first snow flies: The only question is which color to choose (which I will agonize over for an inordinate amount of time).




© Tin Can Knits

Snowflake © Tin Can Knits

2. Tin Can Knits. This designing partnership of Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel is my go-to when I’m knitting for young’uns. The Gramps Cardigan for my favorite toddler came from them, and they’ve got a whole collection of adorable, pint-sized patterns. One of the best things about Tin Can Knits is the way they size their patterns: almost every pattern is sized from Newborn to 4XL. Yes, you read that right. No more envy of those stylish babies, no more wondering whether you could figure out the math to size it up for yourself. Alexa and Emily have got you covered. My guy even requested a matching Gramps Cardigan so he and his young buddy can be twins. (So far, I’ve resisted — the cuteness might be too much for the world to handle.) Many Tin Can Knits patterns also come with ultra-helpful tutorials, just at the points where you find yourself wondering, “Am I doing this right?” The gorgeous sweater pictured here is Snowflake:, and is one of several Tin Can Knits items on my to-knit list.



Venus © Rowan Yarns, 2011

Venus © Rowan Yarns, 2011

1. Martin Storey. My long-time knitwear designer crush, Martin Storey, is in a league of his own. He has over 30 pages of patterns listed on Ravelry. He designs for Rowan. The men who model his designs are ruggedly handsome and look like they should be striding across the heath or else helping you aboard their yacht. The women all look like they own homes in the English countryside yet are completely approachable, and might invite you to join them for a glass of wine in the garden, which of course you would say yes to, and then the two of you would become inseparable friends, and she might convince Martin to design a sweater for you, too. I am clearly insane in love with the world that Martin Storey has created with his knit designs. His patterns for children are equally lovely and classic. You really can’t go wrong. My current favorite is Venus, pictured here.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Written by Jennifer Woodman

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  1. I have to agree with TinCanKnits but I had not heard of the other two… Time to explore!

  2. Oh yes, TinCanKnits has wonderful designs. Other favorites are Kate Davies, Carrie Bostick Hoge, Rich Ensor, Elizabeth McCarten, Ann Budd… And so many more.

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