My Circular Needle Organization Solution

Circular needles are wild, unruly things, especially when they congregate in all their beautiful varieties of size, length, and material. I told you about my glorious yarn wall, the yarn storage solution to end all storage solutions, in my humble opinion. But I never considered at much length how to keep my knitting needles under control – and I’m talking about circular needles, here; straights and double points sit neatly and adorably in pencil cups. It’s those wily cords that make circular needles such a challenge.


Fabric needle organizer from Buttermilk Cottage. Click photo for source.

While they don’t tend to take over the entire house the way that yarn does, they can easily become a nightmare-level tangled mess. It becomes such an ordeal to locate a needle of a particular size and length that one considers just buying a new one each time. Admittedly, I have done so on a few occasions, telling myself that I may as well have two needles of the same size, in order to work on more projects at once. Knitting needles aren’t disposable things, though. They’re worth treasuring and displaying, and they’ll last forever with a little care. You never need to buy the same needle twice, if you can just keep them organized!

Fabric Hanging Organizer

Fabric needle organizer from Bruce and Mark. Click photo for source.

I found some needle organization solutions from around the internet, and I love aspects of each option, but none of them felt quite right for me.

I see these hanging fabric circular needle organizers on Pinterest, knitting blogs and the like often enough. Above is a gorgeously photographed rendition of the hanging fabric needle organizer from an Etsy shop called Buttermilk Cottage. For me, their greatest appeal is accessibility. I want to see all my needles all the time, so that I can admire them and waste no time unpacking or repacking them. It’s clever and all, but it doesn’t look quite so gorgeous when you see it jam-packed full of ALL the needles an avid knitter is apt to have.


Fabric roll-up needle organizer from Click photo for source.

These fabric roll-up needle organizers are popular as well. In fact, they are beautiful, quite customizable – not difficult to sew, and like their wall-hanging brethren, can be made up in whatever combination of fabrics makes your heart sing; what an excellent excuse to go to the local fabric shop! But I am skeptical of the likelihood of those circular needles remaining in their designated pockets when the thing is un-rolled and re-rolled, and I am also dissatisfied by the need to un-roll and re-roll in order to reach my needles at all.

Binder Needle Organizer

Binder needle organizer from Grin and Frog It. Click photo for source.

DVD Case Needle Organizer

DVD Case Needle Organizer From Ysolda. Click photo for source.

I’ve seen numerous variations of this idea too – the 3-ring binder containing pencil pouches devoted to one needle size each. While it pleases me immensely as a neat and fool-proof organization strategy, its pitfalls leave me short. It’s rather unattractive. It takes too long to remove from the shelf. Flipping through the pouches seems like a bore.

This hanging-file DVD case with needles in individually labelled hanging sleeves containing one needle each is yet a more meticulous example from Ysolda Teague, one of my favorite knitting bloggers. It is conceptually beautiful and scalable for any quantity of needles, but wouldn’t it be fiddly to use and to maintain!

So imagine my delight when an idea popped into my head while browsing TJ Maxx other other day. I saw these sweet, rotating pencil caddies. Two of a kind, 6 slots each. Wouldn’t they look darling on my desk? And those flat, wooden faces would be perfect canvases for WASHI TAPE!

Allow me to present my own personal circular knitting needle storage solution. Everyone has different tastes and requirements, so I won’t claim that this solution is the very best, but I am simply in love with it. Ta da!

Lauren's Knitting Needle Caddies

My circular needle organization solution – rotating pencil caddies decorated in washi tape.

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

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  1. Wow I picked up those little spinning things in Tjmax and wondered how can I use them the other day. What a good way Lauren it is a nice fix to finding those needles and a terrific idea only I wish I had it!

    • That’s the fun thing about sharing ideas, Nicole. Even if someone else had it first, YOU can still have it. it’s good to be inspired. Mim

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