More Fuel for the Fire

You can’t get any more ideas for big projects,” I said.

Learn the skill, but stop there,” I said.

You don’t even have the space to nuno felt at home,” I said. (That’s a lie, though, I totally do. Shh don’t tell brain.)

You would think that by now I would know that my brain cannot be trusted when it comes to the possibilities of new projects. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to participate in our nuno felting class, and despite the frustrating wind trying to carry my scarf away as I worked it was very fun! So fun in fact that — almost on cue — my creativity has been throwing out ideas  for more than just scarves left and right since the class ended. Unfortunately I already have so many different art projects going on — knitting, crocheting, dyeing, sewing, embroidery, needle felting, illustration, comics, painting, leather work, sculpting, etc. —  that it can be a little overwhelming. Ok, a lot overwhelming.

Perhaps in a few days it will settle down, but don’t be surprised if you come in to the store one day and find that I look like a plant.


  © Nolwen



Written by Catherine Eason

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