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It’s time to bring out the shawls.  And I have one that has been waiting to be blocked since…oh…maybe last spring?  It’s a pretty blue…something or other.  Probably merino lace weight.  And the pattern is…ummm…something I got off Ravelry.  I think.  Maybe I could look it up?

The harsh truth is that I am not as organized as I would like to think I am.  Nor is my memory as razor sharp as I would like to claim it is.  I have been collecting yarn from a myriad of sources for years.  Decades actually.  And I am forever taking a band off promising myself that this time I will remember what yarn this is: the brand, the fiber content, the yardage, the washing instructions, and the place I bought it.  Then I swatch or try out a new stitch pattern just for fun and put the darn thing back into stash to await further developments.  Or I happily knit up something and give it away or wear it myself without ever having to explain myself.  And none of that has ever bothered me because no one has ever really wanted to know.

Now, when I use a yarn from my personal stash and folks see me with it, they want to know so they can make one just like it.  And I have to say, “Oh, dear.  I have no idea what this yarn is or where I got it and the pattern is something I made up myself.  Write it down?  Why would I do that?”  I’ve already had to get better at pattern writing (see blog post “A little respect” for my travails with that.)  Now I have to implement some sort of system for remembering what’s in that stash and what I used to make the things that I wear or give away.

Okay.  I know what you’re all thinking.  I should have done that already.  Maybe even years ago.  Don’t judge me.  Maybe I should have gotten myself organized before now…you know, gotten on top of my stash.  But, my lovelies, I was too busy knitting.

PS.  BTW…the pattern is Simmer Dim and you can find it on Ravelry here.  The yarn?  I still have no idea…but I know we have something like it in the store.


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