Maine’s Slowest Knitter Has Your Holiday Gifts Covered

Every year when it’s time for our Maine’s Fastest Knitter Race, you all tell me the same thing: “Oh, I could never win! But if you had a race for the slowest knitter…” And I always tell you that you can’t possibly be the slowest knitter (and you can’t all be the slowest). How do I know? Because… (dun dun dunnnnn) am Maine’s Slowest Knitter!



Yes, that is my Goldfish Cardigan. Yes, the one I mentioned in early September, and then again later that month. You will note that there are now actual fish on the yoke (two whole rows of them!). But no sleeves. Or body. Nope, not yet. And this is why I never knit a baby sweater in a size less than 1 year. (I’m may be slow, but at least I’m practical.) Before you judge me the glacial pace of my knitting, you should know that I’ve been terribly distracted lately… I’ve been holiday shopping for the store!

Let me show you a few of my newest arrivals:


© The Alpaca Yarn Company

I ordered kits for these adorable fingerless mitts from The Alpaca Yarn Company. The Forget Not Mitts are a quick knit (Lauren is almost done with hers, and she started yesterday), and super soft because the yarn is an alpaca blend. The colorways are super fun! One of them is actually called “Figgy Pudding”! It doesn’t get much more seasonally appropriate than that. I only got a few of these, so grab your favorite color soon.












I also reordered some kits from Laura Nelkin Designs! These kits make great gifts, and are also very quick to make if you still need to finish some items. The instructions are clear, and there are video tutorials you can access if you get stuck. All you have to do is pre-string the beads, and then slide them up between your stitches when required. I made a pair of the earrings in under an hour! (Remember how slow I am?) The kit comes with everything but the needles, so you’re ready to go.




img_7674Finally, I got some fun bags and clutches from Plymouth’s new line, Hand Made Accessories. These are made in Thailand, and they assured me that there’s no sweatshop labor involved. We’ve got everything from a notions bag to a weekender-sized duffle! The colors will make your heart sing in grey old February. To be honest, I wish we had learned about these earlier — the clutch would’ve been perfect for the fall weddings I attended!


There are lots more items arriving daily with you and your loved ones in mind. (Pssst — I ordered three Cricket Looms!! Call and reserve one!) My brain has been fully occupied with Over The Rainbow Yarn’s holiday stock — come on in and see the pretty things I’ve ordered for all of you! Just don’t ask me if I’ve finished that darn baby sweater yet. It’s not happening until January February.


Written by Jennifer Woodman

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