Looking ahead

I really, really, really wish we were all on our way to Rhinebeck, but it just doesn’t seem to be my fate this year.  I’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing to make it happen and it just keeps eluding me.  But there are still things to look forward to.

It is half way through October and I’m already planning my NaKniSweMo sweater.  Some of you may remember my adventures last year with Corinne and Boyfriend.  This year I am planning to do Kerrera  in Cascade Lana D’Oro in a beautiful ruby red.


This is Justine wearing our sample.  Isn’t it lovely?  (Yes, I’m sure Justine is lovely, too, but I mean look at that beautiful sweater!)  I’m charmed and I want one in my size.  I want to cast on right now!  But I’m being a very good girl and waiting until November 1.

Meanwhile, I have started on the crochet version of the Through The Woods hood.  Justine is doing the knit version.  Knit version is in Berocco Voyage.  Crochet version is in Cascade Eco+.  They are both red, heavily cabled and beautiful.


Are you sensing a theme here?  Can you guess what our November windows will feature?

And I have the Community Blanket to bind off.  And if I get all those things done, I’ll do a pair of mittens or two for the Mid-Coast Mitten Tree.  Surely that will keep me busy until November 1 when I can be with my true love.


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