Let’s not be selfish.

I’ve become a pretty selfish knitter these days.   I’ve learned the hard way that not everybody appreciates a delightful knit-good.  We all know what a bummer it is to put lots of time, money. and effort into a special gift only to find out that it has entered the knitted-gift-void-of-dooom, never to be seen again.  My father told me that when I was about 3 or 4, my Nan knit me a sweater and when she gave it to me, I promptly told her that it was ugly and I wouldn’t wear it.  I’m sure that my father was embarrassed but my Nan wasn’t vexed by my cheeky remark.  Now that I’m a big kid and a knitter, I understand why it didn’t upset her.  I would much rather know that someone doesn’t like something that I’ve made, so that I can keep it or give it to someone who will cherish it.  That being said, there are certain people who I love knitting for.  My wonderful sister, Trixie and my sweet nephew, Mason, are two folks that rank pretty high in my elite knit-goods friendly group.  Today, I saw that Mason is in need of a new hat.  It’s cold in Maine and Mason is bald… I can’t have him losing his sweet little baby ears to frost bite, it would make me a bad aunt. So I’m casting on a new project!  It’s my favorite thing to do (finishing them is a different story…. my most current WIP and HO tally is 21, eeek)!

Here is some adorable proof that Mason wears the dorky things that his auntie knits for him (at least while he’s too young to protest).


I’m going to knit him Veronica O’Neill’s Lyon Hat in Araucania Panguipulli.  It’ll be a very dapper hat for this fine little man.

I’m going to attempt to knit this tonight.  Baby’s have peanut heads, right? Perhaps, I will have a finished object to report on soon.

In the spirit of not being selfish, if you’re a local yokel and want to help people in need from our community there are lots of ways you can give!  We are collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donations for Turkeys for the AIO Food Pantry.  We are also collecting hats, mittens, and scarves for Coats for Kids, andselling raffle tickets for our community blanket to benefit New Hope for Women.  All of these charities help people in our community, so please stop by and give however you are able!



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