Learning to Teach Knitting


That’s me, ready to teach you to knit.

Learning is easy for me. Maybe my 16 years of education have served me well and taught me how to learn. It doesn’t hurt that I have a ravenous appetite for knowledge and an obsession with trying new things. My favorite restaurant is always the one I haven’t tried yet. Likewise, my favorite knitting technique is the one I haven’t tried yet, or haven’t tried lately, or haven’t tried in quite that way. Whatever the reason, I think I’m quite adept at acquiring new knowledge.

Teaching is another story though. While working at a yarn shop, I’ve learned knitting skills quickly, but I’ve learned teaching skills slowly. Trust me– I’ll find a way to teach you whatever you want to learn, but it’s often a mutual process of experimentation and conversation. Every time a knitter walks through the door with a question, it’s an opportunity for me to learn how people learn and become a better teacher. Everyone learns differently; everyone learns different types of things with different levels of facility; and I love it. It’s a win-win if you walk away with a new knitting skill, and I walk away with a new teaching skill.


Once you master double knitting, give double-knit ribbing a try.

I’m teaching a Double Knitting class next weekend (on Jul 9th). It’s going to be great. Double Knitting is one of my favorite knitting techniques of the moment, and the possibilities for double knitting make me feel regretful that I only have two hands with which to knit at any given time. If you sign up for my class, you can expect to have a prolonged conversation about knitting in which I’ll do my very best to impart my knowledge. We’ll knit together, make connections with each other, and we’ll probably both walk away with new skills in our toolboxes.

Written by Lauren Chesis

Lauren Chesis

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