Last but not least…

Good morning, my lovelies.  We are full on our knitting roster, the non-profits are decorating their voting boxes, we’re assembling our tent and chairs and lights and heaters. I’ve posted 12 lovely prizes that will be given to one knitter in each team.  Tomorrow is Go Day.  I can’t tell you how humble I feel at the turn out of people willing to give of their time and energy and skill to this project.  We have 42 people taking 48 shifts to have continuous knitting for 24 hours.  It’s amazing…and humbling and exciting.  I can’t wait to see it happen.

And to express our gratitude, Over The Rainbow Yarn is putting up a $1oo gift certificate to the store for one of the knitters who has so graciously agreed to join this mad adventure.

Really, thank you from the bottom of our collective heart.     xo

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