Jumping through the hoops.

We have a great location. We’re a half a block off Rockland’s main street, and Main St. is a happenin’ place. When summer hits, there are thousands and thousand of folks around. We are right across from the big public parking lot the serves downtown. We have 1100 square feet of retail floor and two class rooms. We have big beautiful windows at street level for fabulous displays.


This is an Old Historic building. And Old Historic buildings have Old Historic construction…and plumbing…and wiring. There are things we have needed to do to bring our space into the 21st century. We’ve been doing them, one step at a time, but the more we dug into it the more we found that needs fixing. And I’ve learned way more than I ever wanted to know about 5/8” sheetrock, furring channels, domestic water sprinkler systems, expanding foam fire barriers, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

The sad news was that each revelation meant more time and more money before we could finally be able to open our doors to you all. My architect kept telling me, “These are just hoops to jump through. Keep breathing. Don’t panic and don’t bail.” So, we’ve been jumping through the hoops. We persevered. We committed to doing what it takes to be here.

Now comes the pay off. The wind howled and the wicked witch has flown by on her broom at least a dozen times. Now the weather has cleared and we’ve woken from our bad dream. The house has settled down somewhere and we’re just about to open the door. I’m thinking there’s a bright beautiful world out there full of color and adventure. I hope you’ll all travel that road with me, because we are finally, finally over the rainbow. And we’ll see you all in person soon.

Though it can’t come too soon for me. Mim xo

Written by mim


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  1. Your shop is wonderful! I am so excited for you and honored to be a part of you vision! Here’s to a wonderful future at Over The Rainbow Yarns!!!

  2. Just dropped by your shop today. It’s so nice to have a beautiful yarn shop in Rockland! Good luck to you!

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