It’s Been a While

I’ve been running back and forth between so many projects lately– for the store and personal work at home — that I’ve completely forgotten that I haven’t made a blog post about coloring page sketches in a while!  Lucky for you all, this means there’s plenty to take a peek at. Here are some past sketches, some possible future ones, and a tiny sprinkling of leftovers from lunch breaks (if you can spot them).







Written by Catherine Eason

6 Comments on “It’s Been a While

  1. I love this topic! And am SO excited to join you (via your blog) on this journey. Thank you for including us. This is nothing I would ever do – never say never, but really I’m not very adoevturnus so getting to hear about this awesome adventure you are about to have is fascinating to me.

  2. Unfortunately, Minnie pre-deceased Rich (by at least 4 years).Rich was my teaching colleague, as well as being my children’s math teacher and their swim coach. I last saw him in his favorite place–Cape Breton National Park in Nova Scotia, when he spent an entire day with my husband and I, driving us around the park, taking us to his home, just being Rich.We will all miss him.

  3. vcs são uns fdps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vai toma no cú de vcs seu filhos da pulta a mãe de vcs deu pra mim eu engravidei todas ao msm tempo eu depois fui da 1 vizitinha na casa de vcs e deixei 1 presentinho lá pra vcs (gozo)

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