It was love at first sight.

Last night, I was gifted a skein of heaven.  It was truly the most amazing yarn gift that I’ve ever received and it was indeed love at first sight.  This was the sort of gift that the giver thinks is no big deal, but the recipient (lucky meeee!) feels like they’re going to burst with joy upon receiving. My dear fiber friend, Hannah, spun and dyed the most wondrous hank of neon stripy Wensleydale wool and I’m fortunate enough to be wearing it on my head today, despite the fact that I’m having a rare but super excellent hair day and it’s definitely on the toasty side in the shop!  My yarn shop cronies (or should I say Corwinnifer?  Yes, I should say Corwinnifer. ) can attest that I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect neon yarn.  Not tacky neon, classy neon… I promise it exists.  And tahhhh-dah, Hannah made it happen.  I really should have taken a picture of the yarn before I dove into it but I was obviously too excited to have such a profound idea at the time.  She even included this darling yarn label…

hannah label

With the company of some awesome roller derby pals and the better half of Corwinnifer, I finished the hat in one go!  There’s nothing finer than the feeling of stiff achy joints in your fingers to tell that you’ve been knitting too furiously.  For a lass with chronic cast-on-itis like myself, this yarn required that I interrupt all other projects, so the acrylic pom-pom nightmare booty shorts will have to wait until the weekend (I swear that they at least partially exist).



Do you enjoy the creepiness of the above photo?  Sadly, I’m a scatterbrained gal with a gift for bustin’ up electronics who recently smashed her iphone screen and can’t take nice forward facing photos anymore; hence the creepy stare to make sure the camera was actually pointed at my hat.  This hat makes me so happy that it cancels out my bad luck.  Have a wonderful Thursday, it’s such a lovely day here in rockin’ Rockland.





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  1. I think you are absolutely right! That is BEAUTIFUL yarn – and a great hat! I’m not a neon fan, but that makes me think of fruit and roses!

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